The following are some of the achievements the Association
has gained for widows:
N.B. rates of payment date from 1970, increasing annually to current level.

Social Welfare:

  1. Free electricity allowance, Free T.V. licence, free phone rental
  2. Living alone allowance
  3. Double pension at Christmas
  4. Supplementary benefit for pensioners and those on small fixed incomes
  5. Additional benefits for those on U.K. retirement pensions and to widows of 1916 veterans.
  6. Death press notice accepted for widows  pension where death certificate is held up by inquest.
  7. Social Welfare benefit at marital rate granted to widows for six weeks after death of husband if he was in receipt of Social Welfare benefit at time of death.
  8. Ceiling for medical cards raised to £53.50 for Social Welfare Pensioners and those on low fixed incomes.
  9. Widows in receipt of Social Welfare pensions exempt from PRSI payments could claim benefit at half  current rate from 1974 – 1988.
  10. Child allowance retained on Widows Pension until child reaches 19 years or 21 years, if receiving full time education.
  11. Means ceiling for non-contributory pension raised from £2 progressing to current level.
  12. The fuel scheme extended to national level.
  13. Free travel for those accompanying disabled person allowed.
  14. Extra tax allowance for widows,  marital rate for widows with dependent children.
  15. Reduction of rates for widows, leading to total abolition of rates.


  1. Extra tax allowance for widows – marital rate for widows with dependent children.

Latest Achievements:

  1. N.A.W.I. successfully challenged government proposal to means test contributory pensioners.
  2. Widows over 60 + can claim all benefits received by late husbands at time of his death.
  3. Abolition of probate tax.
  4. Restoration of half sick and UB payment 2004.