We know that it is important to advise the members to look outwards, take notice of what is happening in the world, get active in their community and become informed on all matters concerning them and their families welfare.

Beside doing this at local level, we also organise informative seminars at National level.

These seminars cover a 2/3 day stay in a hotel consisting of a full day seminar and workshops.

These include:

.               Psychological pressure on family life.
.               Health and the Environment
.               Marital Breakdown
.               Drug Abuse Child offenders and crime prevention etc.
.               Children with special needs

We receive no grants for our seminars but we have received grants for various projects from time to time.


Two publications on research into the World of Widowhood, carried out by Professor Joyce O’Connor, Limerick, U.C.D.

.               Know your Rights               - Countrywide
.               Make a Will Week               - Countrywide
.               Counselling                           - Countrywide
.               Personal Development        - Dublin branches

Ongoing lectures by qualified sociologists